Incoming Call Filter

Service allows to manage your own incoming traffic. You can both block and permit incoming calls and SMS only from the prior defined numbers. Black and White lists are provided within the scope of the Service

10 tenge/day

The Black list affords grounds for setting a ban to incoming calls and SMS from certain numbers. The White list affords grounds for setting only those numbers, from which you want to receive incoming calls and SMS.
Black and White lists may be defined in respect of the following communication services:
Incoming voice calls and SMS;
Incoming voice calls only;
Incoming SMS only.
In case of a blocked subscriber tries to make a call to you, he/she will hear the short ring tones. Short ring tones may be changed with your own greeting message.
Subscriber fee for the service per day - 10 tenge*. Price is shown inclusive of VAT.
Service connection/disconnection - free.
Service management - free.
* Fee is collected between 00:00 and 02:00 Astana time. If no fee is collected during this time due to insufficient funds in the subscriber's account, it will be collected after 02:00 once the account is topped up with funds sufficient to cover the fee. If no fee can be collected during 30 consecutive days, the service will be stopped.
Service control:
*155#OK Main menu If service has not been connected yet
*155*1#OK Activate
*155*2#OK Details
After each inquiry you will get responses in the form of an SMS
*155*1#OK Black list management If you have alredy been connected
*155*2#OK White list management
*155*3#OK Activation of the Black or White list
*155*4#OK Details
*155*5#OK Disconnection
All Kcell, activ and subscribers may use the service.
The Service operates in roaming.
Any mobile, PSTN, inter-city and international numbers may be included into the Black and White lists.
The maximum admissible quantity of numbers in the Black and White lists amounts to 500.
The Service operates only if the number is identified correctly.
In case the Service is disconnected automatically due to lack of money, all numbers, included into the lists, are kept in the profile of a subscriber within 30 days.
In case the service is disconnected by a subscriber, the numbers, included into the lists, are removed, the subscriber's profile is cleared.
Attention! Service 'Filter' does not apply to video calls.
Service covers outgoing calls only.
The White and Black Lists cannot be used for SMS and MMS and other services.
Need more balance? Get Extra Balance 250350500750 or 1000 tenge