Outgoing Call Filter

Service allows you to manage your outgoing voice calls. You can block or allow voice calls from your predefined numbers. The service allows you to creates your own black and white lists.

10 tenge/day

Black List feature allows you to prohibit calls to specific phone numbers. White List feature allows you to create a list of phone numbers you want to call.
You can have both Black and White Lists which will become active after you add specific phone number to your lists. Note that White List always takes priority over Black List. For instance, in order to allow calls to your predefined numbers only, you first need to blacklist All your numbers using an appropriate feature (see Service Control section) and then whitelist the numbers you want to make calls to.
Then, when you try to call a number that is on your Black List, you will hear a message saying that calls to this number are prohibited. If you are calling a blacklisted number while you are roaming, you will hear 'busy tones' and the above message will be sent to you via SMS.
The Outgoing Call Filter service allows you to block calls to both standard numbers and paid short codes.
Daily fee - 10 tenge including VAT.
Initially, subscription fee is charged automatically upon service activation.
Service activation/ deactivation - free.
Managing call filters - free.
Initially, the subscription fee is collected upon service activation and then on a daily basis between 00:00 and 02:00 Astana time, subject to sufficient balance in subscriber's account to cover the fee. The service will not be activated if at the time of activation the subscriber has not sufficient balance in their account. If subscription fee has not been collected between 00:00 and 02:00 due to insufficient balance, it will be collected after 02:00 once the account is topped up with sufficient funds. Service is not terminated automatically if there are no sufficient funds in the subscriber's account to cover the fee but remains unavailable for use. The fee is collected until such time as the service is terminated by the subscriber.
Service control:
*156#OK Main menu
*156*1#OK Connection If service has not been connected yet
*156*2#OK Details
After each inquiry you will get responses in the form of an SMS
*156*1#OK Black list management If you have alredy been connected
*156*2#OK White list management
*156*3#OK Details
*156*4#OK Disconnection
Service is also available to subscribers while they are roaming.
Service is available to all activ and Kcell subscribers whose number is registered to a physical person.
Up to 500 phone numbers can be added to White/Black List.
When service is terminated by subscriber, all numbers on both lists are deleted and subscriber's profile is emptied.
Service covers outgoing calls only.
The White and Black Lists cannot be used for SMS and MMS and other services.