Join the free bonus program SMART and get bonuses every month. We give a present of 500 units for subscription to “smart” offers!



SMART bonus program is a free service for activ subscribers, providing pleasant bonuses in the form of mobile units (airtime) for receiving info messages with up-to-date proposals and participation in researches (surveys).


Dial USSD-combination *555*1#OK or use USSD-menu *555#OK to join the free bonus program «SMART».

Activation of bonus

Dial *555*00#OK to activate your bonus of 500 calling units. Bonus is valid for 7 days from activation and can be used for onnet calls and text messaging as well as browsing the web. To check balance and remaining bonus, dial *111*3#OK.

How to unsubscribe

Dial USSD-combination *555*2#OK or use USSD-menu *555#OK to unsubscribe from the free bonus program «SMART».

Conditions and procedure of bonus units’ use

The mobile operator informs the subscribers of the partner offers by all available means, including SMS-messages, USSD, telephone calls or publication of information in the media, and (or) by placing the information in the customer service points.

The maximum number of info messages (calls and/or SMS, USSD) about services and products of the partners sent to the Service Subscriber — no more than 10 messages per month. The maximum number of surveys — no more than 2 (two) per month.

Upon expiration of the 7-day validity period, any unused bonus units are canceled and no longer available for use.

The subscriber has 30 days to activate the bonus units, otherwise all these bonus units will be canceled. Bonus units may be used only for calls and SMS inside activ/ kcell network, and also for Internet; they may be activated once a month.

Bonuses may not be used in roaming and for international calls; they may not be transferred to the numbers of other subscribers, including through «Mobile Help» service. If the Subscriber exits the bonus program «SMART», the bonus units are not charged.

The operator can, at its sole discretion, grant the additional bonuses, which information will be available on the website of the bonus program «SMART». Bonus program «SMART» is available only to activ subscribers. If the subscriber has any activated additional services or promotions available to the subscriber within the tariff plans used by the subscriber, and also after the bonus packages charged to the subscribers on a gratis basis within the loyalty program of the Company, the bonus units with shorter validity period will be used first.

If Subscriber is on a tariff that comes with an inclusive allowance, including but not limited to All For All Start«, All For All, All For All +, All In One S, All In One M, All In One L, Hit+, All In One 49, Active Light, Active Start, Active Drive, Active Boom, Active Pro, Active Mini, Hallo Kazakhstan Start, Hallo Kazakhstan XS, Hallo Kazakhstan S, Hallo Kazakhstan M, Hallo Kazakhstan L, Hallo Kazakhstan XL, Hallo Kazakhstan¹, Hallo Kazakhstan ², Hallo Kazakhstan 3, Beseda, Beseda+, Comfort+, Week+, allowance provided under the tariff will take priority.

If Subscriber has a data service that comes with inclusive unlimited speed-cap data allowance active on their account, including but not limited to Unlimited Internet, One Year Internet, Half Year Internet, Quarterly Internet, bonus provided under the Program will not be available until the Subscriber stops using such data services. If Subscriber has Internet+, Mobile Internet Plus or Online service activate on their account, data allowance provided under such services will take priority over that provided under the Program.

If Subscriber has Unlimited Night Internet service active on their account, bonus provided under the Program will not be used up from 01:00 am to 9:00 am (Astana time), subject to payment of the Unlimited Night Internet service fee.

If Subscriber has active inclusive allowance provided within the scope of the Contract Phone or other promotional offer, allowance provided under such promotional offer will take priority over that the bonus.

If the Subscriber gets similar calling units/bonuses under any other promotional offer, additional service or tariff, promotional calling units/bonuses which expire first will be used up first. Bonus in the form of extra minutes, sms and data will take priority over the promotional calling units.

Special conditions

The Subscriber should get acquainted with these Conditions prior to subscription to the bonus program «SMART». Joining the bonus program «SMART», Subscriber confirms that he/she has read and accepted these Conditions of provision of the Service.

When Subscriber joins «SMART» bonus program, he/she consents to receive advertising messages from the Company’s partners through calls, USSD and/or SMS-messages and to receive voice calls for purposes of survey and participation in researches conducted at the requests of the Company’s partners (results of the researches / reports are depersonalized) within the scope of the Service. When Subscriber activates the Service, he/she also consents to the processing of personal data in order to participate in the bonus program. Subscriber agrees and acknowledges that the above consents are valid for the whole period from the date of joining «SMART» bonus program and till unsubscription.

The Operator has the right to change or amend these Conditions by updating this information on the site of the bonus program «SMART».