One Year of Internet+

Connect the mobile INTERNET from Kcell for a YEAR! "Annual Internet+" pay once 14990tg, get 20GB traffic EVERY MONTH within a year, if traffic is exceeded 1MB=0.5tg

Price - 14 990 tg

Upon activation of the Service, the Subscriber starts receiving 20GB of monthly full speed data allowance during the term of one year. When the Subscriber goes over his data allowance, further usage will be billed at the 50 tiyn/MB rate, incl. VAT through the end of that billing cycle.
Data allowance goes live upon service activation and then renewed on the 1st of each month. Data allowance is valid till the end of month in which it was applied. On the last month of the validity period, data allowance will be valid until the end of your billing cycle (date when you first activated the service will be your recurring billing date. Data allowance is available for use irrespective of the account balance (prepaid billing) or credit limit (postpaid billing).
Unused data does not roll over into the next month. USSD command to check balance: *100#OK.
Data allowance will not be available if applied while the Subscriber is engaged in an active data session. In which case, Subscribers should close their current session, disable and then enable Mobile Data again after the data allowance has been applied.
Service fee in the amount of 14 990 tenge (incl. VAT) is collected in full upon Service activation, subject to sufficient account balance or credit limit. If balance or credit limit is not sufficient to cover the fee, Service will not be activated.
Upon deactivation of the Service by subscriber before the expiration of its validity period, the cost of the Service activation is neither recalculated nor returned.
Service is not available while roaming.
Methods to manage the service:

Need more airtime? Get Extra Balance 250350500750 or 1000 tenge