Super Comfort M

12GB every 4 weeks Мигание

Tariff fee — 2390 tenge

Dear subscriber, if you logged in from your smartphone, the tariff will change on your current number.

«Super Comfort M» tariff: onnet calls at 0tg + 120min of calls to other KZ mobiles + 12GB + 100 onnet SMS every 4 weeks! Tariff fee – 2390tg/4 weeks. Minutes/SMS/MB exchange via *747#. Calls to KZ landlines–18tg/min, onnet MMS-7tg, offnet SMS-14tg.

***When inclusive allowance is used up (subject to customer consent): mobile calls within KZ-14tg/min, data-2tg/MB. When tariff fee is not paid and you have 70 tg or more in your account, daily pack 100MB + onnet calls at 0tg for 70tg/day will be activated. If pack is not activated or used up: calls onnet & to other mobile networks(KZ)-14tg/min, data-2tg/MB. To activate, dial *166*1*7*1#. If account balance is too low to cover the 2390tg fee, tariff will be activated and “when tariff fee is not paid” rates will apply.

WARNING! If your tariff has an inclusive allowance, it will be lost once you change your tariff.

How to exchange minutes, MBs and SMS
The «Exchange Minutes, SMS and MBs'» service is available till 30.06.2020 on Super Comfort M.

What can I exchange?
You can exchange your airtime allowance (subject to payment of the tariff fee):

  • Minutes for calling other KZ mobile networks
  • MBs
  • Onnet SMS
  • Any other allowance from extra packages or add-on services may not be exchanged.

    How much does it cost? It’s free.

    What is the exchange rate? 10 Minutes = 50SMS = 1024MB(1 GB).

    How can I do it? Dial *747#OK:

  • *747*1#OK - to exchange MBs for Minutes or SMS;
  • *747*2#OK - to exchange Minutes for MBs or SMS;
  • *747*3#OK - to exchange SMS for Minutes or MBs;
  • *747*4#OK - Info.
  • How can I check remaining airtime after I exchanged it? Dial *111*3#OK.

    How much time do I have to use converted airtime?
    Converted airtime is valid through the end of the bill cycle for the Tariff and is subject to the compatibility conditions established under the Tariff. If you change your his tariff or use the early tariff restart option, all converted airtime will be lost.

    Can I exchange converted airtime again? No.